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13 June
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I'd tell you about myself, but then, we would have to kill you...

If you really want to know me, just AIM me damn it, or read the journal.


007, 80's music, adult swim, after forever, alien sex fiend, alternative life, android lust, apoptygma berzerk, aqua teen hunger force, army of darkness, astral projection, astronomy, back to the future, battle royale, bauhaus, bella morte, bettie page, big band, black clothing, blues brothers, blutengel, boots, brak, causality, cemetery man, cgi, christopher walken, clan of the xymox, clerks, computer animation, computers, concert band, cruxshadows, danny elfman, darkwave, das ich, david bowie, deloreans, depeche mode, die form, digital art, dita von teese, dragonfly shirts, dressing like a ninja, dressing up, family guy, fear factory, fetish, florida, freezepop, front 242, frontline assembly, funeral homes, gamecube, gary numan, gene wilder, george romero, goth, gothic, gravity kills, h.r. giger, haujobb, hearses, horror movies, icon of coil, industrial, j-rock, james bond, jazz, kemet, kill bill, killing joke, kinky, kraftwerk, leather, legend of zelda, malice mizer, marching band, megadeath, metal, metroid, morbidity, mp3s, my dying bride, n64, negative format, new rock boots, new wave, nintendo, occult, oriental food, paradox, philosophy, photography, pizza, psycho, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, rammstein, razed in black, reanimator, reservoir dogs, retro pinup, robert smith, saxophones, sci-fi, sex, simpsons, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, snes, space ghost, st. petersburg, star trek, steve buscemi, super mario brothers, swing, switchblade symphony, synthpop, the addams family, the cure, the damned, the munsters, the professional, the sisters of mercy, theater of tragedy, theatre of tragedy, tim burton, time travel, tool, trance, trent reznor, tristania, tron, type o negative, uma thurman, video game music, video games, vincent price, vintage photography, vintage video games, vnv nation, wolfsheim, xymox, young frankenstein, zombie movies